“Our 6 month old blue cattle dog is living in a dog’s paradise on 10 acres in the country. But he was always venturing down the dirt road to play with the neighbour’s dogs, which put him at high risk—with “no road sense”. Thanks to PAW TO DOOR, we no longer have this problem”

Sandy and Dave

And Benji, alias True Blue, (Blue Cattle Dog)



“I found myself dog sitting a Maltese, I considered had “issues” until PAW TO DOOR showed her how to experience life on a farm, as a dog. Especially how much fun it is to swim in a muddy dam, whilst still keeping her pink sequinned ribbon clean and intact”

Farmer John

And Joti (Maltese)












Our dog would take us for a walk,

 But thanks to PAW TO DOOR, now “we” take our dog for a walk.

 Thanks Gai, now it’s a pleasure to walk our dog and not a chore”

Janice and Gary

And Max (45kg Labrador)”














“My dog’s unpredictable behaviour made me feel nervous when out walking, and I felt like I had no control.

PAW TO DOOR helped teach me the importance of establishing my role as ‘pack leader’ and now I feel confident and in command.”

Sarah and Steve

And Zulu (35kg—3yr old German Shepherd X Kelpie)



“Thankyou so much for your training tips on our two very energetic Staffies. We are implementing them and seeing some progress. The walks have gotten more manageable with the double lead, Cheers!”

Sharon and Pete

And Thunder + Storm (two Stafford Shire Bull Terriers)



“We found the service provided to be excellent and the advice we received was very helpful. Our dogs behaviour has improved dramatically. Thanks very much.”

Diane and Paul

And Whisky + Smoky (two Australian Kelpies)



We have a very energetic and strong cattle dog pup with a mind of her own. We were so pleased with the advice and training we received from Gai at Paw to Door. She came to our work and gave us some one on one training with our dog and within a couple of hours we had Silver walking beside us and sitting and staying on command. Gai has such a good rapport with dogs and a genuine absolute love of animals. Thank you so much for taming our little rebel.

Cathy and John

And Silver (Blue Cattle Dog)



We enjoyed your services and learnt some new skills on how to better handle Goldie. Thanks also for teaching us the right and wrong ways to respond to her behaviours. You have a very warm approach and a genuine interest for the animals well being which is obvious in how you plan your teaching.

Jenny and David

And Goldie (KelpieXDingo)



Just a quick thank you for your service. Both my husband & I enjoyed your company and certainly our pup Zeus "the staffy' had a great time. Although we knew our pup had a great temperament it was important for us to teach him with consistency of commands especially how to drop, being that staffies have locked jaws! It was great to see that at his first lesson with you he understood the meaning of 'DROP' & was even caught on tape as proof. Although he was a bit too playful he has mastered that command consistently within 2 days. WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT! With this said you were very patient and very helpful which is important for a trainer. I also would like to thank you for having chosen my husband & I as the “Most Responsible Dog Owners “ for 2009 & thank you  for the complimentary session which we look forward to in the future should we need to. Zeus thrives on our commands & we have big hopes for him in 2010 for showing. As they say treat your animal with respect and they shall respect you back! Keep up the good work!

Connie, Bill and family

And Zeus (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)














I thought the session offered us useful tips that were easy and practical to implement and fun for Sooty to learn at the same time.  Overall we were really happy and so was our little dog Sooty.


And Sooty (ShihtzuX)



I would recommend you to any person who was having concerns over their dog. You came to me on the same day, the price is very reasonable and I now have more confidence with walking all my dogs at the same time. I had the problem with little Scruffy who was a rescue dog that had been abused and I wasn’t being firm enough with him and he nipped somebody. But now I’ve got more control and a few of the things that you’ve said have been most useful, so I would recommend you strongly. Thankyou.


And Scruffy (Jack Russell Terrier)

4 other dogs include Greyhound, MalteseX and Jack Russells